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Welcome to Pacific Palms Tour Co., your premier destination for an amazing tour! We are passionate about sharing the aloha spirit and showcasing the breathtaking beauty and rich culture of the Hawaiian Islands. As a leading tour company, we strive to create remarkable experiences that will leave you with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for this tropical paradise.
What sets us apart is our commitment to providing authentic and meaningful encounters. Our tours are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is well-planned and seamless. From convenient transportation to comfortable accommodations, we take care of all the logistics, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself fully in the magic of Hawaii. Safety is our top priority, and our experienced guides are trained to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all our guests.



Diamondhead, the majestic volcanic crater nestled on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, is an adventure lover's paradise. Rising proudly against the backdrop of azure skies and the vast Pacific Ocean, Diamondhead beckons you to embark on a thrilling escapade like no other.

Halona Blowhole

Halona Blowhole, located on the southeastern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, is a natural spectacle that will leave you in awe of the raw power and beauty of the ocean. Prepare to be captivated by an experience that combines breathtaking views, thrilling moments, and the sheer force of nature.

3 makapu'u

Makapu'u, a place of untamed beauty on the southeastern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, is a paradise that ignites the spirit of adventure within all who visit. This stunning destination offers an array of exhilarating experiences that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.


As you approach Waimanalo, the sheer beauty of the surroundings takes your breath away. Pristine turquoise waters stretch out before you, fringed by powdery white sands that seem to go on forever. The lush, verdant mountains serve as a majestic backdrop, creating a scene straight out of a tropical dream.

Byodo-In Temple

Byodo-In Temple, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii, is a hidden sanctuary that exudes an aura of tranquility and excitement. This magnificent temple transports you to a world of ancient beauty, spiritual serenity, and cultural wonder.

6 fumis
Fumis shrimp truck

Fumi's Shrimp Truck on Oahu, Hawaii, is a culinary adventure that will take your taste buds on an exhilarating journey. This iconic food truck, nestled along the North Shore, is a mecca for seafood lovers and those seeking a deliciously thrilling dining experience.

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Beach, located on the captivating North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is a coastal paradise that radiates a cool, laid-back vibe. This stunning beach offers an array of exciting experiences and natural wonders that will leave you enchanted and rejuvenated.

Historic Haleiwa Town

Historic Haleiwa Town, nestled on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is a charming and vibrant destination that transports you back in time while offering a delightful blend of history, culture, and excitement. Steeped in rich heritage, this picturesque town is a captivating hub of activity that invites you to explore its unique charm.

10 Dole
Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation, located in the heart of Oahu, Hawaii, is not just a pineapple plantation—it's a captivating destination that offers a cool and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. This iconic attraction combines the allure of tropical agriculture, fascinating history, and a touch of adventure to create a memorable and fun-filled day.

8 mac nut farm
Macadamia Nut Farm

Visitors to the North Shore Macadamia Nut Farm can enjoy educational tours, where they can learn about the macadamia nut farming process, experience the beautiful orchards, and even participate in tastings. The farm's gift shop provides an opportunity to purchase a wide array of macadamia nut products as souvenirs or for personal enjoyment. Overall, the North Shore Macadamia Nut Farm stands as a prominent destination, combining agricultural excellence, sustainable practices, and a dedication to providing customers with exceptional macadamia nut products.

With us you get

Outstanding customer service

From the moment you inquire about our tours to the completion of your journey, our team is dedicated to providing prompt and helpful assistance.

Expert Local Guides

Our guides are not only knowledgeable about the island's history, culture, and geography but also passionate about sharing their insights with you!

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We pride ourselves on its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

What's Included

  • Pickup and Drop off (in Waikiki/ Ala Moana Hotels only)
  • Water
  • Detailed narration
  • Entrance fee to Byodo-In Temple
  • Snorkel and mask set to use at beach
  • 1 Free, handpicked Dole  pineapple per party


Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we pickup from any Waikiki set location (set meaning Hotel, Resort, AirBnb, Hostel or Condominium).

No way! You can rent our sanitized snorkel and mask at no extra charge!

The pickup location is at the Grand Islander Bus Depot. The “Grand Islander” is one of the towers on the Hilton Hawaiian Village property. You can find the entrance on the corner of Kalia Rd. and Paoa Pl. Or, you can take a look at our YouTube video wherein we walk you to the Grand Islander Bus Depot from inside of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

We take a lunch break at Fumis Shrimp Truck and yes, they have other options (including Vegetarian/Vegan) besides shrimp!

Our pickup location for the Hyatt Regency is at the valet parking area on Uluniu st.

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